Betty and family, I’m SO sorry that Don has died, and I offer my condolences.  He did a huge amount of GOOD for the world while he was here.  I met him shortly after he arrived in Juneau and worked at the local ALSC office, while I was in the Attorney General’s Office and was on the ALSC board of directors.  We had a good system of lawyer-to-lawyer avoidance of litigation.  If he spotted an error caused by one of my clients (e.g., in the Department of Health and Social Services), he’d give me a call, and, when I agreed that there was an error (and Don was virtually always right), I’d get my client to correct it without having to go to court.  His concern for, and sympathy with, the disabled or under-privileged or handicapped or otherwise disadvantaged never waivered.  I was sorry to see him move to Anchorage, but then he was elected to the Alaska House of Representatives, and we had occasion to work on projects together in Juneau in that capacity.  And I often saw him in Anchorage when I was up there for ALSC meetings.  He was a wonderful guy, a great lawyer, and a magnificent legislator.  He achieved a lot of benefit for this world.  I fondly remember the last time I saw him — we had lunch together one time when I was in Olympia (perhaps about 15 years ago?)  I will miss him, and I extend my best wishes to you Betty.  (I wish that I had some pictures of him, but I don’t.)   Art  

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