Rebecca Smith: Sending you all our love, Betty Ramage. What a great guy Don was. Every time I’m shouting at my mother to be heard on the phone, I remember hearing him doing the same, talking to his dad, down the office hallway.

Patty Ginsburg: I knew Don when he was a legislator and I a reporter in Juneau. He was always smart, thoughtful and respectful.

Molly McCammon: So sorry to hear. One of the best!

Lloyd Miller: I am so saddened to hear this news. In addition to everything said here, Don was also a supremely gifted partner during his time at our law firm. I so enjoyed that chapter in our lives, and learned so much from him. My heart goes out to you Betty.

Marilyn Heiman: I’m so very sorry Betty. Don was the best majority leader the AK state house ever had! I’m appreciative of all you both contributed to good public policy in Alaska!

Johnny Ellis Jr.: My love and support to Betty and their accomplished children. Don was my mentor and political hero. A proud and unapologetic liberal dynamo. He taught and gave me SO much and I am forever grateful He groomed me to run and win his House seat. He said he viewed his job as being a lobbyist for the folks who could not afford a lobbyist. I adopted that mantra. Don. Rest in Power !

Veronica Slajer: Beautifully said, all. Besides him being extremely effective , Don was always approachable, even for us youngsters back in the day.

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